Ambassadors for adult learning and education

As European experts on adult learning and education (ALE), ambassadors are important voice, advocating for future of ALE. With their own life and work, knowledge and positive attitude, they bring ALE to its core - embracing a lifelong learning as a new culture.

Uwe Gartenschläger

Uwe Gartenschlaeger MA, studied History, Political Science and Philosophy at the Universities of Berlin and Cologne. After working for four years…
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Brikena Xhomaqi

Brikena Xhomaqi is the current Director of the Lifelong Learning Platform – European Civil Society for Education (former EUCIS-LLL) and…
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Graciela Sbertoli

Graciela Sbertoli is currently the General Secretary of the European Basic Skills Network, EBSN. Graciela holds a degree in English…
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Valentina Chanina

Valentina Chanina is EfVET Project and Office Manager. For many years she has been involved in European projects and tenders. …
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Gina Ebner

Gina Ebner has had a transformative impact as the Secretary General of the European Association for the Education of Adults…
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Dirk Jarré

The European Federation of Older Persons, EURAG
Dirk Jarré is a president of EURAG, the European Federation of Older Persons, co-chair of the NGO Committee on Ageing…
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Georgios Zisimos

Georgios Zisimos is an educationist who started working at the European Training Foundation (ETF) in Turin on March 2014 as…
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Niamh O'Reilly

Niamh O’Reilly is CEO of AONTAS, the National Adult Learning Organisation in Ireland with expertise in lifelong learning, educational equality,…
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